We are setting up a netwrok of Churches in Africa which are Apostolic and vetting them. The network would be to help Missionaries, Evangelists, and Churches abroad to help with funding missions and aid to these who preach in the regions of Africa.

Please follow this link to join our Network.


Support for our missions. Psalm 46 is established in Jesus name for the mission field. We need support to travelt o Africa and other coutnries to vet the various Churches as catalog them in our newsletter we will e sending out on a monthly basis. If you would like to get on our newsletter please subscribe here. Or you can use the contact form on our contact page.

Spread the gospel

If you can help in anyway from planning to contacts in Africa for various Apostolic orders and know of Chruches in the area please contact us to let us know this information as we are establishing a network to better serve the country. Many Churches exist today but are little known and struggle to grow as financial strains. The Lord has comissioned me in establishing a netwrok to help those in the field of church planting and growth.

If you can help contact us.

We need you. We can not do this alone and there is much to do. If you would like to help then please contact us through the contact page. Tell us what you can help with. And please pray for us. We need those prayers.

Networking a vast country.

It will take more then our efforst to network an entire coutry. Yet the Lord has given us this task. We need to help with Church planting. We need to establish a place where we can gather and exchange between each other. We have such a place here. Please join us.

Next Steps...

If you feel elad to help us financially then follow this link to our paypal account. The funds will be used in the Lords commision. As we need to establish and maintain a network of Chruches. This will take great financial backing as we vet each Apostolic Church in the country.