You will find the common ask questions bellow.

What do you believe?

Psalm 46 is an apostolic doctrine Chruch. We beleive what was taught in the fullness of the whole new testament and the fulfillement of both testaments in Jesus Christ.

Where is your Church?

We have a physical location on k hwy Doniphan, Mo. Located about 1/8 mile down on the right side across from the K Hwy Fire Station.

Do you collect clothing and food?

Of course! We collect clothing and food at this location and give to them who are in need. If you are in need please contact us.

When are you open?

We are open daily from 8 am to 5pm and you can contact us from these times also at 573-351-1393

Do you help financially?

No we can not help with finances. We are limited to helpin gin the areas we are established. We would love to help with everything a person needs in life but jsut do not have the funding to help in such ways.

How can I help?

You can help in giving to them who are in need. You can drop off clothing and food at the location on K hwy or you can give to someone in need. We will try to keep a list of things needed and post to our website. Check back often to see how to help. We greatly appreciate your prayers always. As the Lord supplies out of his great richness. Thank you for all you do.

Where do you go on the Mission Field?

We will go wherver the lord sends us. To bring the gospel to those local and abroad.

Do you license minsiters?

Yes we can license ministers if they be called of the Lord. We can not anoint the calling of a minsiter as Jesus alone anoints his ministers. We can only pray over them that they be confirmed. If you are confirmed then we will issue you a license according to the apostles doctrine found in Acts.

Do you train minsiters?

Yes we train minsiters to send them off into the world to further the gospel. You can listen to the teachings and preachings online here on the website and follow on Facebook and We will be meeting weekly for bible study. If you want a persnal training then please contact using our contact page.

What is your oporations cost?

What does it take to opporate to spread the gospel? It takes as much as we are willing to give. The harvest is great but the workers are few. We all want to help in some way or another. Financial will greatly further the gospel to the ends of the earth. It takes the funds of a cheerful giver to help the minsitry of the Lord. If you feel led to give then click here